Most secure and powerful way to download content from the web.

The most secure and powerful way to
fetch content
from the web.


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Your cloud-based download manager.

A simple, elegant and intuitive SaaS to retrieve any data from the cloud.

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Compatible with:

Instant Downloading

Cloud Backup

Remote Upload

Direct files, cyberlocker & storage links.

BitTorrent and magnet links.

Articles, blogposts & shopping items.

Online Storage Services Online Storage Services BitTorrent Magnet links BitTorrent Magnet links Article / Blogpost Article / Blogpost Search Online Storage Services Search BitTorrent Search Articles / Blogposts
Online Storage Services Download Download Download Backup Backup Export Export
BitTorrent & Magnet Links Download Download Download Backup Backup Export Export
Articles and blogposts Download Download Download Backup Backup Export Export
Speed up Download

Your downloads are fast & reliable.

Secure Download

You can safely leech from torrents.

Convert to PDF or PocketHTML

Convert the web to PDF or PocketHTML.

Download to your localdevice

Download directly to your local device.

Backup toyour Offcloud private space

Backup to your Offcloud storage space.

Export to yourthird-party cloudstorage

Export to your third-party cloud storage.


A toolkit full of features.

Learn more about the awesome things you can do with Offcloud.

Instant Downloads

Unlock and speed up any content found on blogs, media, BitTorrent, streaming or storage sites.

Cloud Backup

Securely backup your favorite online content to a private space and access it whenever you want.

Remote Upload

Automatically transfer any data from the web to your remote space, such as FTP or cloud storage.

API, Tools & Support

Enjoy dozens of tools, a reliable API and a world-class customer service to get the most out of Offcloud.


Compatible with hundreds of sites.

Fetch content from various sources such as cloud storage or streaming services.


BitTorrent links & magnets supported.

Fetch data from .torrent and magnet links using our cloud-based BitTorrent client.


Compatible with Usenet & newsgroups.

Leech data from .nzb and newsgroup links using our integrated Usenet network.


HTML2PDF and Pocket HTML, too.

Convert any online pages into PDF documents or read-it-later HTML (just like Pocket).

What our customers said

We improve the digital life of thousands of people.

Offcloud is a truly helpful service, and extremely affordable for what it does. It saves me precious time by letting me remote download some large files directly into my Dropbox or NAS at home.

Xavier Lecomte
Software developer, Paris (France)

What I like about this web application is that it lets me unlock all the content I wish whenever at home or during my holidays. The built-in player for on-going downloads is a must.

Denise Chapman
Busy mother, Sydney (Australia)


Use our service for free...

You can submit 3 file hosting, streaming or BitTorrent links, for free.


Or upgrade to a paid plan to unlock additional features.

No contract. No risk. On-demand renewals.

The Good Kit
For a month
The Useful Partner
For a year
Accepted Payments
Frequently Asked Questions
What options come with the free account?

With the free account you will be able to fetch up to 3 file hosting, streaming or BitTorrent links. You can use all our features, including Cloud and Remote, but a few premium file hosting sites can only be accessed with the paid plan.

What sorts of links and/or sites do you support?

We support any type of HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and BitTorrent links. We can fetch absolutely any public site and turn it into offline HTML or PDF documents. We also support fetching data such as video or audio from hundreds of sources (the full list is here).

Do I need to choose a plan now?

No. You can start with a free plan before opting to purchase a paid membership. You can always choose how long your membership will last. This flexibility allows you to opt for Offcloud only when you actually need it.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments from PayPal, credit cards and various e-banking gateways such as iDeal or Amazon. We also accept phone and SMS payments, as well as e-cards, such as Ukash. Finally, we proudly support Bitcoin and we accept Bitcoin payments.

The most elegant & fastest way
to download data from the cloud.

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